Transport Solution

Web-based Transport Management system (TMS), XpressWay provides complete track and trace functionality within a supply chain. This product can be interfaced with other third-party applications for Order Management, Financial Accounting, Bar coding, RFID and GPS. A state-of-the-art plan board with a graphical tool for load optimization and a route optimizer makes XpressWay one of a kind. It is 95% mouse operational interface with very minimum keyboard usage.

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Fleet Maintenance (FleetEx)

Alerts & Checks: Every due maintenance activity for a fleet, the system alerts the user by email or SMS or system alerts for urgent diagnosis.

Fuel: Cost can be kept under the finger tips by entering fuel filling details to the system; so that the system generates a fuel cost analysis report for a particular truck in a given period.

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Container Depot

CDMS (Container Depot & Yard Management System) CDMS (Container Depot & Yard management system) is a web-based application that helps manage the core processes of a container depot or yard, including stock management. This application includes functionality to support customer facing, sub-contracted operations management, cleaning, leasing, storage & warehousing, employee time registration, etc.

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Vehicle Yard Management

Yard Container Management System (YMS) is feature rich with Stacking Methods, Graphical Slotting, Vacant/Occupied Status, Space Optimization, Rotation Methods, Stock Inventory, Yard Dash Board (Graphical Display)

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Vehicle Distribution (Xpressway Roro)

Applicable foror Vehicle Logistics service providers or Automotive Logistics Service providers or Car Carrier companies. This Software handles KPI of your Dealer/Sub Contractor/ Customers and plans your order based on Route consolidation. It has a smart inbuilt algorithm which allows the user to plan the carrier or Trailer with all rules and conditions.

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Warehouse Management (Xpressware)

Web-centric Warehouse Management system XpressWare eWarehouse XpressWare eWarehouse is a web-centric warehouse management system for shippers and logistics service providers, designed to provide the core operational needs for a wide variety of business types XpressWare eWarehouse extends well beyond the capability of traditional Warehouse and Inventory management systems by integrating supply, fulfillment and partner collaboration into one enterprise service platform.

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