Alerts & Checks: Every due maintenance activity for a fleet, the system alerts the user by email or SMS or system alerts for urgent diagnosis.

Fuel: Cost can be kept under the finger tips by entering fuel filling details to the system; so that the system generates a fuel cost analysis report for a particular truck in a given period.

Work Order: Efficient Work order manages the run time of the fleet. Internal & external work orders can be processed with the Repair Request.

Diagnose: Knowledge bank which contains FAQs about symptoms, cause & remedies for a quick jump start.

Resource: A tool which allows monitoring renewal of licenses for a driver or any technician with their personal information.

Track & Trace: The fleet can be tracked at any point of time by integrating with GPS.

Extend your Asset Life Increase your Run time Avoid Break Downs Control your Parts Investment Improve Parts Warranty Recovery Centralized Control of Fleet Costs.

Maintenance: Scheduled Maintenance, Preventive Maintenance and Primitive Maintenance are the 3 core feature of FleetEx.

Purchase: Monitor your purchase of spares and essentials, system provide a reorder alert on purchasing the spares & essentials.

Tire: Graphical tire management tool with position monitoring which gives an illustrative detail about every tire of a fleet with historical details.

Supplier: A salient feature which tracks a supplier or manufacturer or service provider by a part or truck.

Fleet Expenses: Overall expenses for a particular fleet can be obtained for any given period.