Warehouse Management System


Web-centric Warehouse Management system XpressWare eWarehouse is a web-centric warehouse management system for shippers and logistics service providers, designed to provide the core operational needs for a wide variety of business types XpressWare eWarehouse extends well beyond the capability of traditional Warehouse and Inventory management systems by integrating supply, fulfillment and partner collaboration into one enterprise service platform. It can also meet all of your operational, financial and customer requirements, thus providing a powerful tool with increased value to you and your customers. XpressWare eWarehouse is part of the eWarehouse eLogistics suite, an integrated set of applications that are engineered to work together.

Warehouse Management XpressWare eWarehouse has at its core a flexible and powerful business rules engine, which permits extensive tailoring of key eWarehouse processes, such as directed picking and .put-away without the need to customize code. This extensible rules based architecture enables key processes to evolve and adapt dynamically,further improving the ROI. XpressWare eWarehouse solutions can provide visibility across all warehouses for your clients and all clients within your warehouse. Specific sign on possibilities ensure that only authorized people have visibility at these levels.

Mobile/Barcode Support eWarehouse is designed to leverage the efficiency and accuracy of mobile hand-held computers and bar code scanning, without the need for any 3 rd party software and allows supplier bar codes to be used during the inbound process.

Material Handling Systems Integration eWarehouse provides integration to automated storage and retrieval systems (ASRS), carousels, conveyors and automated guided vehicles (AGV) using pre-built integration kits as well as open APIs. These capabilities simplify the cost and complexity of integration. Response API will allow a warehouse control system or other interface to pass information about completed picking tasks back to eWarehouse to be processed.

Key Features:

Multi Clients Each warehouse can support multiple clients with mixed or segregated storage. Users can be given visibility of client information as required.

Bonded Warehouse Support Stock being brought into the warehouse can be bonded or free with document numbers captured if bonded. The stock can then be segregated within the warehouse with the bonded being treated independently to the free stock. Bonded or free stock can then be shipped depending on the customs requirements in the target destinations.

Receiving and Cross Docking XpressWare eWarehouse supports receiving against multiple document types (PO™s, WO™s, RMA™s, and warehouse transfer requisition). Inbound material can be routed directly to inventory, staged then put-away, or cross-docked at receipt, thereby reducing material handling costs.

Directed Put-Away XpressWare eWarehouse suggests optimal put-away location(s) that are automatically determined by a set of user configurable business rules. These rules may be used to enforce hazardous material rules or other storage restrictions, minimize storage fragmentation. The suggested put-away rules enable companies to increase utilization, and reduce obsolescence.

Outbound Process The outbound process flow in XpressWare eWarehouse is fully configurable from having two-stage picking, packing, checking and shipping down to a simple Pick-andship operation. The flows can be pre-configured for different customers and service levels to follow within the same warehouse.

Directed Picking XpressWare eWarehouse determines the inventory to allocate to a specific pick task automatically based upon user defined business rules. The associated pick tasks are sequenced and grouped according to the pick methodology. Tasks are then dispatched to the user™s mobile device based upon user-defined rules that match the skills and equipment of the user. This complete process optimizes batch picking, order picking and zone picking.

Lot and Serial Control Lot and Serial Numbers can be captured and validated on the inbound process and confirmed on the outbound. In the event of recall, controlled items can be tracked down accurately.

Kitting / Dekitting Multi-level Bills of Materials can be set up which expand at order line level to support pick-to-order kitting as well as pre-built kits.

Cycle Counting / Physical Inventory XpressWare eWarehouse capability provides for full physical inventories, and multiple user definable count criteria by item, location, movement frequency, etc. Cycle counts can be performed at individual piece level, ensuring system stock matches the physical stock in the warehouse.

Event & KPIs XpressWare eWarehouse improves the efficiency of business operations by configuring real-time alerts and rule-based notifications of supply chain exception events. For example, to notify the personnel when shipment is not confirmed in time. Also provides a variety of both operational and management reports and KPIs.

Track & Trace Each order, in and out of the warehouse can be tracked with each event recorded. This can be viewed directly by customers and suppliers.